Going Green

Environmentally friendly green yards, xeriscaping, Florida friendly yards and low-input/high output landscapes are all different terms for the same concept: landscapes that use low to zero amounts of irrigation, pesticides and fertilizers. It is possible to create a garden that will give you shade, color, beauty, birds, butterflies, and delicious fruit and still use extremely low amounts of resources.

By following the principal of putting the right plant in the right location, you can create your Eden with minimal input. There are countless types of plants that thrive in the harsh South Florida environment. Choosing native plants and hardy trees and shrubs will allow you to cut down on irrigation and fertilizer needs.

By mulching heavily, weeds will be suppressed minimizing the need for herbicides. Mulch will also decompose slowly and add nutrients and water holding capacity to our rocky soil.

Insecticides are not necessary and should not be used. Predatory insects will keep the insects that will harm your plants in check.

Yard debris such as leaves and grass cuttings should not be bagged and sent to the landfill.  These organic wastes should be recycled back into your yard. Simply let grass cuttings decompose back into your lawn and use leaves as mulch in low visibility areas.  Tree branches and palm fronds can also be worked back into your yard by using loppers to cut them into small pieces that should be piled up in hidden areas and left to decompose.